Strážovské vodopády

Strážovské vodopády (Strážov waterfalls)

On the way to the highest peak of Strážovské hills called Strážov, you will pass over refreshing Strážov waterfalls. Nearby the Saddleback, there is Strážov stream (Pružinka stream?) which after 100…


Vodná nádrž Nosice

Nosice reservoir

The reservoir, also called a Dam of youth, is 12 kilometre-long and 1 kilometre-wide. This recreation area provides space for many activities in the form of water sports, or the possibility of…


Náučný chodník Milochov

Educational trail Milochov

Undemanding 6-kilometre-long circular trail was opened in 2000. The walk on the trail takes approximately 3 hours in a relaxed pace and it is suitable even for less physically fit tourists or for…


Náučný chodník Karola Brančíka

Educational trail of Karol Brančík

The trail named after Dr. Brančík, who was the first to create a map of Pružinská Dúpna cave, will lead you from Predhorie – part of Pružina village up around the bell tower, then on the way to a…


Náučný chodník na Považský hrad

Educational trail to Považský castle

The educational trail to Považský castle was built in 2012 at the occasion of European cultural heritage days. The trail consists of 4 informational panels which provided many information not only…


Temné jaskyne

Temné jaskyne (“Dark caves”)

Small dark cave which is 602 metres above sea level and Big dark cave which is 607 metres above sea level are known under the name – Závadské caves. They are located in the south part of Súľovské…


Pružinská Dúpna jaskyňa

Pružinská Dúpna jaskyňa (“Dúpna cave”)

he cave entrance is placed 590 metres above sea level in the hillside of Čierny vrch above the Rečica valley close to a part of Pružina named – Priedhorie. The cave was formed in Mesozoic limestones…


Partizánska jaskyňa

Partizánska jaskyňa (“Partizan cave”)

Big Manín above Záskalie village hides another cave, the so called “Thick hole”. The entrance, which is in the height of 784 metres above sea level is despite its large dimensions not visible and…


Jašteričia priepasť

Jašteričia priepasť (“Lizard chasm”)

The name of this cave is derived from chasm entrance on the southeast side which was possibly created by falling of the ceiling part of underground cavity. It is also known as “Chasm cave” in Lizard…


Prírodná pamiatka Prečínska skalka

Natural reserve Prečínska skalka

Morphologically interesting protected natural reserve of Strážovské hills can be found right close to the main road above Prečín village. Carbonate conglomerate and breccias provide a shelter to many…


Prírodná pamiatka Briestenské skaly

Natural reserve Briestenské skaly

Nearby Pružina village a set of bastions, rock windows, needles, hummocks, and larger and smaller towers were created as the result of erosion. This set of rock structures in conglomerate is…


Ostrá Malenica

Ostrá Malenica

In the north part of Strážovské hills, the hill called Ostrá Malenica represents a distinctive landscape landmark with 909-metre-high peak marked by a cross.


Prírodná rezervácia Klapy (Cigánka)

Natural reserve Klapy (Cigánka)

Limestone cliff Klapy, also known as Cigánka, rises 654 metres right above Nosická dam. Densely forested base passes to sparsely grown rocks.


Národná prírodná rezervácia Podskalský Roháč

National nature reserve Podskalský Roháč

Above Podskalie village, 720 metres above sea level, a hill called Podskalský Roháč shows its peak and together with its neighbouring hill Veľké skaly they form a rock ridge with particularly rugged…


Prírodná pamiatka Bosmany

Natural reserve Bosmany

The right side of Skala cliff is spiced up with three separately standing towers of a cake shape – so called bread roll whereby whole natural reserve is called Bosmany.


Prírodná rezervácia Kostolecká tiesňava

Nature reserve Kostolecká tiesňava (“Kostolecká gorge”)

A 500-metre-long Kostolecká gorge lined by rock walls also proofs the power of Manín stream. It was created by stream cuts into Drieňovka cliff, while its right densely overgrown part is decorated by…


Národná prírodná rezervácia Manínska tiesňava

National nature reserve Manínska tiesňava (“Manín gorge”)

The Manín stream has by its relentless impact divided the Manín cliff into two parts – Big and Small Manín. They now from afar dominate our region, but especially they created a narrow gorge.


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