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In the district of Považská Bystrica, Papradno is the largest municipality. They are attracted to living and visiting by many attractions. It is a starting point for tourists and cyclists. Surrounded by the Javorníky Mountains - Papradno lies in its valley, from where tourists can choose for family walks and training trips.

From spruce trees around Paprado, ships were built in which Columbus discovered America. This is the result of recent research by the Spanish Royal Archives. It's a mushroom paradise. The surrounding coniferous forests are a promising target for the mushroom pickers.

You can also try making dairy goodies. And besides, you will enjoy other agrotourism experiences. Church bells have their own names. There are six of them, the oldest is over 300 years old. The temple organ is the fourth largest organ in Slovakia. In the church of st. However, Ondrej will discover many other dominant features.

When you walk around the village, remember that Papradno has an area of ​​almost 56 km2, and the River Paprika, through which it runs several bridges, springs very close to the Czech border and flows into the Váh.


Municipal Office Papradno
Papradno 315
018 13 Papradno

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