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Welcome to Pružina, in the paradise of tourists, rock climbers, caves and lovers of water created natural beauties! Just pure water is the greatest wealth of the village. It is said to be among the best in Slovakia. Come and taste it and see the romantic gorges and secrets of more than 150 karst caves.

Enter the Dúpa Cave, mapped over 120 years ago, and be enchanted by the magnificent cave formations. The Cave Club Strážovské vrchy, which also has caves Četníková svadba, Kortmanka, Jánošík, Otto's or Strážovská Abyss, will be happy to guide you through the cave.

Radotinská Gorge and the Sokolie Gorge rise from the numerous karst springs of the clear waters, which will lead you through the narrow corridors in the footsteps of the former waterways. On the very top of the hill protects the Strážov, the highest peak of Strážovsky Hill. It has several peaks over 1,000 meters high. They meet the boundaries of five districts - ilavsky, puchovsky, zazbensky, zilina and prievidzskeho. On the way up, refresh yourself in the sought-after Strážov waterfalls.

The Pružina area attracts visitors with its attractiveness and many opportunities for a momentary suggestion of a life-giving nature. Come and draw new power into the lush forests and discover the jewels of Pružina. The municipality drew funds from European funds for thermal insulation of the Štefan Závodník Elementary School and for the reconstruction and modernization of public lighting in the village.


Municipal Office Pružina
Pružina 415
018 22 Pružina

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