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Near Puchov in the Javornik valley lies a village where every tourist - cyclist and pedestrian - comes to swim. Like many beautiful areas of Slovakia, Nimnica is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Engagingly, he loves nature, attracting countless opportunities for meaningful leisure.

The village is surrounded by the Javorníky Mountains, which can be accessed by several marked hiking trails. One of the most beautiful is the hike to the bare and rocky hill Holis with a beautiful circular view of the Nosice dam, the villages of Milochov, Nimnicu, Nosice and the town of Puchov and several mountain ranges: Javorniky, Strazovske Vrchy, Suľovske skaly, and in good weather even in Mala Fatra. In addition to Nimnica, also the Vaskova cycling route connects Central and Upper Povazie with Kysuce.

The local water reservoir Nosice, whose home is also called the Youth Reservoir, is an ideal recreational area for swimmers, water sportsmen and cyclists. Come and ride a cruise ship in the summer, you can also try water scooters, surfing, yachting, boating, water skiing or water bikes. If you've never fished fish before, summer holidays are perfect for your first contacts with this peaceful activity. Maybe you can catch the pike, the juniper, even the carp.


Municipal Office Nimnica
Nimnica 115
020 71 Nimnica

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