Dvojkríž na vrchu Malý Manín

Double-cross on Small Manín hill

The club of Slovak tourists in Plevník-Drienové was the initiator of the cross construction on Small Manín hill. Seven-metre-high cross is mounted on a rock at the altitude of about 800 meters.


Pomník padlým partizánom

Monument to fallen partisans

The monument dedicated to fallen partisans is located above the village on a hill called Hôrka and it is the dominant of Vrchteplá village. It is located on a place where partisans who died in the…


Pamätná izba a busta Štefana Závodníka

Memorial Room and bust of Štefan Závodník

The exposition of the museum in Pružín is represented by the memorial room of Štefan Závodník and a room of national traditions.


Pamätná izba a Park Dominika Tatarku

Memorial Room and Park of Dominik Tatarka

The memorial room which was established in the area of primary school in Plevník-Drienové illustrates life and work of this writer and dissident who had first-hand experiences with all social turns.


Budova bývalej základnej školy vo Vrchteplej

Building of former primary school in Vrchteplá

It is an interesting wooden structure of mountain character, which was built in 1929 right in the heart of Vrchteplá. During the first year, there were 47 students, however, in the course of time…


Vila rodiny Milchovcov

Villa of Milchov family

The building from 1900 in the city centre was originally a villa of Milchov family who were producers of bryndza cheese and later the building was changed to a municipal library.


Vila v Považskej Teplej

Villa in Považská Teplá

Villa located on the crossroad in Považská Teplá was built in 1874 on demand of baroness Popper. The first person who lived there was her secretary named Havais


Súkromné múzeum archeológie, numizmatiky a ľudových remesiel

Private museum of archaeology, numismatics, and folk crafts

The private museum of Ladislav Janech from Považská Teplá consists of three rooms presenting exhibits which he gathered from 1998.


Múzeum v Hornom Moštenci

Museum in Horný Moštenec

Museum in Horný Moštenec was established in 2011 after inhabitants of the city district, in their effort to preserve a part of the history, decided to save the dilapidating cottage from 1932.




Calvary built on a hill called Háj is a significant historical monument of Považská Bystrica city. Since most of archives today are lost or stolen, we know only fragmentary information about the…


Kaplnka sv. Štefana, kráľa

Chapel of St. Štefan, the king

A bell tower and a cross was built in 1831 at the place where a wooden church used to stand. In 1855 after many efforts and letters, a construction of chapel in Plevník was launched and this chapel…


Kaplnka Sedembolestnej Panny Márie

Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows

The chapel was built by inhabitants of Záskalie with a help of the then village office during deep totalitarianism even though it was clear that it wouldn’t be possible to get permission to construct…


Kaplnka Božieho srdca Ježišovho

Chapel of Divine Heart of Jesus

The history of the only wooden church in Považskobystrický region started to be recorded in Ráztoka directly under a beech which had a cross placed under its leafy crown.


Kaplnka sv. Heleny

Chapel of St. Helena

The Baroque chapel was built in 1728 on a bare hill at the order of earl and the then lord of Považský castle – Peter Sapári. The chapel surrounded by ancient lime trees was built to honour St.…


Kostol sv. Žofie

St. Žofia church

Roman-catholic church of St. Žofia in Pružina that was originally built in a Gothic style in 1759 was extended by presbytery, raised and coved. The tower was renewed in 1870 and in 1860 – 1880 it was…


Kostol Fatimskej Panny Márie

Church of Fatima Virgin Mary

During function of Viktor Kallay, a chapel was built in Nimnica at Púchovská parish and the chapel was after project completion in 1941 built up in a year and a half time. The capacity of the chapel…


Kostol sv. Ondreja

St. Ondrej church

Roman-catholic church made in a late-Baroque style is a pride of Papradno village. The church was built in 1792 during a feudal rule of earl M. Esterházy. It is a one-nave church dedicated to apostle…


Kostol sv. Jána Nepomuckého

St. Ján Nepomucký church

Classicist building from 1765 dominates Horná Mariková village – it is located right in the middle of the village in a part called Modlatín.


Kostol Návštevy Panny Márie

Visits Church of Our Lady

The oldest records about the original Gothic church come from the 14th century, older written documents were not preserved because the oldest church chronicles were burnt down during the city fire.


Mladší kaštieľ v Považskom Podhradí

Younger manor house in Považské Podhradie

The manor house was built in 1770 – 1775 by an earl named Peter Sapári. The floor plan of Rococo four-wing manor house had a shape of an irregular letter U. It included a chapel, park and farm…




The manor house, popularly known as Burg, was built according to a local chronicle in 1631 by a son of Žigmund Balaš – Šimon together with his wife Magdaléna Gieczy.


Orlovský kaštieľ

Orlovský manor house

After weapons were silenced in Austria-Hungary, the nobility lost their interest in Považský castle and they made efforts to build new seats nearby the castle which would meet its growing demands.


Považský hrad

Považský castle

On the right shore of river Váh to the north from Považská Bystrica, approximately 497 metres above sea level, Považský castle, also called Bystrica castle or Bystrický castle, is placed on a…


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