Považská Bystrica

Považská Bystrica

Brief introduction

Welcome to Považská Bystrica, the heart of the Horné Považie region, in the city for a long time and perhaps forever back with one of the most important water arteries in Slovakia - the Váh River. The surroundings of Váh and several water reservoirs, especially the beautiful Nosice, are popular and popular places for cyclists and lovers of water and fishing.

Tourist attraction of Považská Bystrica, where more than 41,000 inhabitants live on 90.56 km2, is surrounded by rings of Javorníky, Strážovské and Súľovské vrchy, where the narrowest limestone canyon in Central Europe is hidden - Manín Gorge, not even four meters wide. The original natural phenomena in the rocks not only of Manín, but also of the nearby Kostolecká Tiesňava (Thousand) gorge were carved by the streams of the Manín Creek.

Walking through Považská Bystrica you will find unusual historical monuments, such as the Chapel of Sts. Helen in the middle of a housing estate. Behind the unforgettable view of the city and its surroundings, it is worthwhile to ascend to the ruins of the Považský castle, which rises above the formerly important trade route, connecting south and north of Europe.

When traveling to discover the secrets of Považská Bystrica, do not miss the Považská Bystrica yoke or the Hellenic feast and many other cultural events full of experiences for life.


Municipal Office Považská Bystrica
Centrum 2/3
017 13 Považská Bystrica


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