Brief introduction

In the midst of the attractive tourist highlights of Upper Považie, you will experience a pleasant change in Plevník-Drien's form in the form of noble folklore art, demonstrations of ecclesiastical and technical monuments and countless intimate and more frequent events associated with the prestige of the village and respect for Mother Nature.

On the left bank of the wild Váh, in the valley of Drienovka, you will be welcomed by a village that once formed two separate villages. On its small area, Plevník-Drien overcomes significant height differences - from 250 m above sea level. m. at Váh over 305 m n. m. in the middle of the village up to 835 m. m. on Raven Rock on the Ridge Ridge, where the paragliders run with their favorite.

The mountains on the left side of Plevník-Drienové belong to Súľovské vrchy, which are part of the protected landscape area of ​​Strážovské vrchy. And these are the right ones for walks in the natural localities Hoľazne, Dlhé lúky, Hájec, Lazišče, Pažite or Manínska tiesňava.


Municipal Office Plevník-Drienové
Plevník-Drienové 255
018 26 Plevník-Drienové

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